Tuesday, February 6, 2007

All Shook Up in the NASA Triangle

43-year-old Lisa Marie Nowak, a July 2006 Discovery space shuttle astronaut, was arrested on attempted kidnapping and related charges according to police. Reportedly, the space traveler donned adult diapers and raced 900 miles to have an unscheduled talk with a younger love rival, NASA engineer Colleen Shipman, who was flying into Orlando from Miami. (NASA astronaut and Navy Cmdr. William Oefelein apparently was the triangle's Romeo.) Allegedly, after conspicuously tailing Shipman into the parking lot, the trench coat-clad Nowak coaxed the leery Shipman into only opening the window of her car a few inches, and then hit her with pepper spray. According to authorities, Shipman reported the assault and later police observed Nowak trashing a wig and BB pistol and carrying rubber tubing, a 4-in. folding knife, garbage bags, $600 in cash and a steel mallet in a bag when she was apprehended. (Police also
indicated that they found six rubber gloves, e-mail to Oefelein from Shipman, a love letter to Oefelein from Nowak, and handwritten directions to Shipman's home. Today, the starry-eyed, love-struck brunette had her bond set at $15,500 and was instructed to wear a GPS anklet and to remain at least 15 miles from Cape Canaveral.

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UPDATE: Nowak charged with attempted first degree murder. She is now in jail and facing a new bond hearing.

Cf. Fox Online (02/06/07).


jharkansas said...

I guess she had her head above the clouds. /rimshot

By the way, don't forget whose birthday it is today...  Hint: He has the same middle initial as our current President.

jakeho said...

Exactly. Our 40th President, Ronald Wilson Reagan, was born today. Not only do we celebrate the birth of this truly great American but also the advents of Babe Ruth and WGPH.