Saturday, February 10, 2007

Monk Rules

When you grab your cart at the local grocery, have you ever considered the hygenic nature of its handle. As you rub your mouth or wipe your nose, do you think of others who have done the same before you, esp., as you pick out your produce? According to researchers at the University of Arizona, shopping carts have more bacteria, spittle, and fecal matter than even public restrooms. An Arkansan law will encourage groceries to give sanitary wipes to patrons. Some nicer stores do now: hopefully, Wal-mart will lead the way for the other laggards. Kudos, Mr. Monk!



piperfromtn said...

Wipes are the first thing we grab.
I'm glad our store provides them.
Cell phones are pretty disgustingly dirty too.  I saw a British Study that also likened them to toilets in a public restroom.

jakeho said...

Do  you all wipe the oft-touched top rims of the cart, too? I do. Of course, a pocket Purell bottle is nice to keep on hand when the wipes are not available.