Friday, February 16, 2007

FNC Loses Fox: Kiran to CNN

In a rare moment of insanity, FNC decided not to renew the contract of the incredibly gorgeous Kiran Chetry. Kiran, a luscious, leggy blend of Ukrainian and Nepalese ethnicities and wife of FNC's meteorologist Chris Knowles, has been the elegant, eloquent eye candy for Fox & Friends First and Fox & Friends Weekend. CNN snared Maxim's 2006 third sexiest news anchor when, allegedly, Fox News unceremoniously ended new contract talks with Kiran's agent, John Ferriter of the William Morris Agency, Inc., which it claimed had demanded that Kiran take over Gretchen Carlson's role as anchor on the regular Fox and Friends. Another source indicated that Chetry had merely requested a written clarification as to whether she would serve as a Fox & Friends co-host and when. Knowing Kiran, the latter explanation seems obviously the more plausible. CNN's fortunes are looking up! She is currently acting as substitute host on CNN's American Morning at 5:00 a.m. CT. I guess that I will have to get a new TiVo season pass.

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letter ending new contract  talks and allowing Chetry to leave prior to her contract's terms (March 6, 2007) without compensation,
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piperfromtn said...

What a Pity.

jakeho said...

I do miss the lovely and mellifluous Ms. Chetry. Fox & Friends had Courtney Friel fill in for her this weekend. Former entertainment and travel reporter Friel appears to have many of the FNC fox prerequisites. Whether she will be the new co-host and, if so,  whether she can keep Fox & Friends Weekend's rating from flagging too much remains to be seen.

grgb4 said...

I will wholeheartedly concur that Kieran Chetry is a beautiful and winsome presence on the air!  She made the news look good and sound good.   Just as it was said of Rossini that he bragged that he could set a grocery list to music; it is  said of Chetry that she can make a suicide bombing sound sexy.

Just don't look at Larry King immediately after looking at Kieran Chetry.  If you don't wait several seconds, you can become violently ill.   (the contrast of course)

bowhoward said...

i watch kieran chetry and john roberts every morning,,there a terrific team and brighten up the tv screen..there an awesome duo...thanks cnn..

jakeho said...

Carpe Diem's new website address is as follows:

crriceii said...

What a crying shame.  Kiran was one of my favorites but I wouldn't watch anyone on CNN if it was the last network on the air! Their incredibly liberal bias turns my stomach.