Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Who RU Voting 4?

Rudy Giuliani explained his positions on Hannity and Colmes Monday (2/5/07) after filing his statement of candidacy papers with the federal election commission. He was very articulate and tempered: he explained his views on abortion, homosexual civil unions, gun control, immigration, etc. Rudy looked and sounded very electable. Even though Sen. McCain is the current front runner in the GOP, he appears to be an avatar of Dole (a frank statesman and real American hero but a flawed presidential candidate with skin more than a bit thin). If there is no pro-life candidate with a real chance to win, who will social conservatives back? Once abortion is off the table, even Democrats begin to become viable options.


dohogue said...

I can't see myself voting for a pro-abortion candidate, J. I will probably go third party.

jakeho said...

D, if you have two viable candidates, don't you want the one less objectionable to win? Nevertheless, you may be right. Do you have a third party candidate that you are seriously considering?

piperfromtn said...

Obviously, anyone writing on James' blog is pro-life.
Rudy is cooked if he doesn't embrace conservatives like you and I.

Forget that third party nonsense.  Hillary doesn't deserve to get Peroted(as in Ross Perot, for you youngun's) into office.

There will be a true conservative running.  The GOP can be stupid but they're not THAT stupid.  

jakeho said...

With the specter of Hill looming on their horizon, social conservatives may vote for whoever offers them the best chance to defeat her.