Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Get Out da Bushes?

Jeb Bush, finds himself in the twilight zone of politics. He's hugely popular with the GOP base but Americans may be wary to make him the third Bush to be president among the last four of the country's leaders. One hears conservative politicos wishing that he had a different surname. (What did you say, Jesse?)

Even though America has prided itself on being a meritocracy that objures dynasties, of the 43 presidents, we have had two father/son combos (Adamses & Bushes), one grandfather/grandson set (Harrisons), and 29 (of the 42) cousin/cousin groupings. (N.B. Grover Cleveland was our 22nd and 24th President: ergo, we have had only 42 men serve in that capacity.) Only thirteen, including Reagan, Jackson, and Kennedy, have not have had presidential relatives. Perhaps, Americans can tolerate another Bush.

As for Jeb, he would be probably the strongest choice for Republicans if he had a different last name. The ratings of his brother, W, are in the tank now: however, W's ratings are similar to the nadirs of his seven immediate predecessors. Maybe, he'll can find a way to win in Iraq and/or rally the nation domestically. If so and if Hill (wife of an earlier prez) looms, maybe, America will be amenable to a new first--presidential brothers.

Jeb could bring alot to the table. As a conservative Catholic married to a Mexican lady and a popular past two-term governor of a big state with with an older, Democratic demographic and a significant Hispanic community, Bush has more than a few top cards to play. His strong leadership in natural disasters would be a welcome contrast to those who felt that his brother did not excel in Katrina. Further, his social and conservative credentials would help keep the base.

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grgb4 said...

I wholeheartedly agree!  Jeb Bush would make an excellent president regardless of his surname.  Maybe he should consider returning to his given name:  "Jebulun Bushpence."  Naah....Jeb Bush has a better ring to it, after all.

As regards the "combo presidencies", don't forget our 42nd who served as three different presidents:                1992-1996- Clinton the Poll-Driven Chameleon
                                            1996-1998- Clinton the Pervert
                                            1998-2000- Clinton the Legacy Maker

piperfromtn said...

Ditto, Geo!
Now if Hill gets elected, can we call her Clinton the Banshee?
We need to put that on a loudspeaker and play it for terrorists, who are barricaded in a building somewhere(allah's waiting room-I believe they call it).  Hillary's voice screaming her drivel would cause instantaneous and spontaneous death for them. Talk about some Psych-op's!

jharkansas said...

My only qualm with Jeb is his reluctance to deal with immigration.  Regardless, he is inspiring and has a strong record of thoughtful conservative accomplishments in Florida.  Maybe he should take a cue from Hill and just run as Jeb sans his last name.  Something like "Jeb for Prez" would make a great bumper sticker, by the way.

piperfromtn said...

good idea, Joe!
Run only the first name...nice!
I think Newt Gingrich is actually going to be our man this time from some interviews on Sean Hannity's podcast and Laura Ingraham's show.
Yip Yip Yippee!

jakeho said...

I'm not sure what Jeb's immigration policies are but I'm sure that he has a real sensitivity to the matter because of his wife's heritage. As to Newt, he's brilliant: but, is he electable?

grgb4 said...

This following is why Obfuscator is no longer allowed to post:

"Well, I don't know exactly how 'sensitive' Jeb is since I've heard that when he and his wife have an argument, he always threatens to "'ake away her green card.'  Not too cool, in my opinion. "

"Also, if Newt ran, the ticket would have to be called "Gingrich-Gingrich's Forehead.'"

Well, I think that Obfuscator is not so cool himself.