Friday, January 19, 2007

China Zaps Satellite

Yesterday China joined the US and Russia in the exclusive club of nations that have successfully downed a satellite according to the (UK) Telegraph. An American report indicated that the Asian superpower destroyed one of its old weather satellite that was 530 miles into space with a ballistic missile. Japan, Australia, Great Britain, and the U.S. condemned the test: however, the Chinese foreign ministry reassuringly stated, "China consistently uses space only for peaceful purposes" (as quoted by Taro Aso, the foreign minister of Japan).



grgb4 said...

I polled several people, and here are some of the replies:

John Q. Harvard: "I don't really care about what happens in space or in any other part of the world, as long as my own personal peace and affluence is not threatened."  

Jimmy Hackney, King of the Shopworn Cliche: "China is just 'taking out the trash,' who cares as long as no one gets hurt, right?"

Gang Hu:  "I am outwardly humble about it, but inwardly, velly velly ploud."

Sean Hannity:  "If a conservative did this sort of thing, we'd never hear the end of it, but China does and no one says anything.  That shows the hypocrisy of the media, et&. et&.............."

Kingfish Horton refused to comment.  

piperfromtn said...

Good one, Geo!
I also liked "ah sters"(oysters)post from earlier.

grgb4 said...

Ah, so you relished the "ah-sters" comment previously made, JKS?  "Ah-sters" is the closest I could get to the true New Orleans inflection:  a more accurate one would have been, "Owha-stahs", but I would probably have come across either as faintly ridiculous or as attempting to speak Shoshone, if I had marked it as such.  

jakeho said...

Or, perhaps, Urdu, G. I liked the Kingfish "quote": however, he was probably thinking, "An American-made, anti-satellite weapon in every back yard."