Wednesday, January 17, 2007

It Ain't EZ Being da Big Easy

If you are a recent veteran visitor of New Orleans, you've noticed that the old New Orleans is no more--at least, for now. The Big Easy is not teeming with the alcohol-addled, randy rabble-rousers, and carefree carnival crazies that one would expect on even a mundane Lundi. Bourbon Street exuviatrix and manager of a Bourbon burlesque establishment elaborates, "The money's not the same: i remember when I made $1,200 a night." She added, "I know girls who used to never let people touch them, and now they're resorting to prostitution."  Not only are the tourist traps down but native haunts such as O'Flaherty's (an Irish pub appreciated for its ales, darts, and authentic atmosphere), Bella Luna (a restaurant much remembered for a rehearsal dinner), and La Madeleine (a restaurant chain haunted by those who enjoy a nicer Mickey D's approach to fast faux French food) are now defunct thanks to Katrina's wrath. The homogenized demographics make one appreciate racial, ethnic, and aesthetic diversity.



grgb4 said...

Sir, have you been hitting the OED again?  "Exuviatrix" is not in my Webster's, although "exuviae" ('sloughed off natural animal coverings') and "exuvial" both are.  By my reckoning, I guess that "exuviatrix" means the proprietress of a place or establishment which specializes in taking off skin......or clothes.....or the customer's clothes......or.........I think I get it....alright, then carry on, sir carry on.

By da way, dat posting made me want to go get me a Dixie draft and a dozen or so "ah-stahs."  

jakeho said...

G, your deductive skills have not diminished one whit. I, too, could use a few ice cold Dixies (albeit in the bottle) and a muffaletta from Central Grocery. However, what are "ah-stahs"?

piperfromtn said...

I got hit in the ah stahs in gym once.

jharkansas said...

I bet you were quite shell-shocked, JS.