Thursday, November 30, 2006

New Bond: B(I) Spy

Daniel Craig wants his next Bond flic to involve the suave superspy in a gay interlude. Further, Craig is interested in doing a full frontal nude scene for his male and female fans. He stated, "Why not? I think in this day and age, fans would have accepted it." If his studio bosses give in to the new Bond's suggestions, I have a feeling the vaunted franchise will have finally jumped the proverbial shark. Will Brosnan be back?



piperfromtn said...

In Bond, most men want a hero, not a Nero.
Too bad that the minds of those, including Craig, resemble the
Roman emperor of old.

jakeho said...

Didn't Nero marry his horse? New Bond III?

piperfromtn said...

I think Caligula married his horse or appointed him some sort of leader.  I get the sexual proclivities of the various Roman leaders of old mixed up.  For that matter, I get democrats' depravities mixed up too.  They, too, will have films at the Sundance Film Festival one day.  Either that or they will be carbonized in compromising positions for eternity like the inhabitants of Pomeii were.  "Volcano?  What volcano?"

jakeho said...

J, I saw that Sundance story mentioned on Drudge: can you believe that our society is  at the point that such a morally repugnant theme is featured at a formerly respectable film festival?

grgb4 said...

Henrik Ibsen once said of 19th century French writer, Emile Zola, "Zola descends into the sewer to bathe in it, I to cleanse it."

I would add as a accoutrement to the above literary allusion:  "JH descends into the sewer to dredge out that which is vile and then to forcibly present it to us for our inspection and which point we are forced to decide whether to approve or resist.....for good or ill.  Choose we must, but ignorance is not an option."

I am also reminded to emulate JH and resist the temptation to moralize.  "Here are the facts....Do with them as you will.  Such is life."  

C'est la vie!

jakeho said...

Exellent quote, Geo. After this week in news, I'm not sure that the sewer is under foot anymore. I fear a miasmic maelstrom has engulfed contemporary society which does not necessarily make the distinction between the main and the cesspool.

asixpilot said...

James Bond in a "gay interlude"?  Ian Fleming is rolling over nover and over in his grave...can you even begin to imagine Sean Connery inquiring for such a scene?  What is the title of the next Bond movie?  From Russia with Gay Love? The Male Spies That Loved Each Other?  We could hae a field day with the other titles, but I won't go there.

The cesspool is almost up to our collective chins.  

jakeho said...

Perhaps, I misunderstood Never Say Never.