Wednesday, November 8, 2006

Dems Take House: NOW Senate

UPDATE #2: Allen Concedes: Reid Celebrates

Cf. ABC News Radio.

UPDATE: AP News Alert: Dems take Senate with Webb victory. Newly Independent Sen. Joe Lieberman of Connecticut will be feeling his oats when he attends the next Democratic caucus.


Republicans lost the House of Representatives and may yet lose the Senate in yesterday's off-year elections. To control the House, 218 votes are needed: thus far, Democrats have surpassed that number by 5 and are poised to gain more. (Republicans have 185.) To control the Senate, 51 votes are needed: thus far, Democrats have 47 seats, Republicans 48, and Independents 2. (Since the two Independents caucus with the Democrats, the Democrats have effectively 49.) The yet undecided states are Montana and Virginia and both may be subject to a recount. In order to maintain control of the Senate, Republicans only need to keep one of the states whereas Democrats must win both to wrest control from the GOP. The reason that the GOP needs only to get a tie to still control the Senate is because the Vice President (the presiding officer of the Senate) votes in case of a tie.



jharkansas said...

Hasn't the Senate always been in doubt?  

jakeho said...

Too often the Senate saucer not only cools the hot public opinion of the Congressional cup but makes it lukewarm and spittal-worthy.