Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Feds Eye Reid

Brian Ross and Rhonda Schwartz of ABC New's Blottter report that a source close to the federal prosecution investigation of public corruption pertaining to Jack Abramoff indicates that newly chosen Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) is one of the members of Congress that has been allegedly implicated. ("Six to eight seriously corrupt Democratic senators" and an ever larger number of Congressional Republicans have been implicated by Abramoff according to sources near the fed investigation.) Reportedly, Abramoff has claimed that Reid agreed to help him with Indian gaming matters and that more than $30,000 in campaign contributions from Abramoff clients had been requested by Reid. Reid spokesman Jim Manley stated, "We have no idea what Abramoff is telling prosecutors to save his skin, but I do know that these kind of old allegations are completely ridiculous and untrue." Have the voters exchanged one "culture of corruption" for another?



piperfromtn said...

Having grown up around gambling and democrats(not that the two are inextricably linked:), my take is that Dingy Harry will take some hits from this and get through it unscathed, because, after all, "he's a demo-crat". (to the tune of "it's a Cadil-lac")

jakeho said...

Now that the Senate Majority Leader won't have a conspicuous House counterpart that appears to echo his ethical lapses, who knows?