Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Bush Jinxed

The Western world laughed and progressive Indonesians groaned as shaman Ki Gendeng Pamungkas put a santau, or curse, on President Bush in Bongor, Indonesia. The witch doctor imbibed a potent potation concocted with the bloods of a sacrificed goat, a slaughtered black crow, and a slain snake and imprecated POTUS. The voodoo practitioner said, "I don't hate Americans, but I don't like Bush" and added, "The devil is with me today."

As Bush returned to the States, the hex that didn't meet its mark in its intended venue (Bogor Presidential Palace, where Bush met with Indonesian Prez Yudhoyono) seemed to fall on the presidential entourage in Hawaii and even onto his daughter Barbara's governmental posse in Argentina. First, the acting director of the White House Travel Office was mugged and beaten by three thugs in Waikiki as he left a nightclub alone: after being found in a pool of blood by friends, he was treated by paramedics and taken to the Queen's Medical Center. Later, three of Bush's police motorcycle escorts crasheded on rainy, slippery Honolulu roads: two are in serious condition at the Queen's Medical Center, and the third is in good condition. Moreover, his daughter Barbara's purse and cell phone were stolen at a restaurant in Buenos Aires even though she had Secret Service agents in tow. To top it off, a Secret Service agent on advance detail for Barbara got badly beaten in a brawl after a tear in the town.

Of course, Bush's shellacking in the November elections preceded the black magic curse.

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