Tuesday, May 15, 2007

TN Teacher Terror

According to the AP, two Scales Elementary School educators who staged a gun attack on 69 sixth grade students on a field trip to a state park a la VA Tech were suspended. Schools director Marilyn Mathis, said that Quentin Masters, a teacher, and Don Bartch,  an assistant
principal, were suspended without pay for neglect of duty and unprofessional conduct. The students were told that there had been a random shooting and that the shooter was on the loose. They were instructed to get under tables or to lie on the floor and told that this
was not a drill. A teacher, disguised in hooded sweats, beat on the window and pulled on the doors. According to one student, kids were crying and praying, and that the teachers laughed after telling the kids that it was a prank. Alisha Graves, a parent of one of the students,
stated, "This was not a good experience. . . they were terrified." Bartch claimed, "The scenario was intended as a learning experience."

Teachers, leave those kids alone!

Cf. http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,272333,00.html and FNC Fox & Friends (05/15/07).

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