Sunday, May 6, 2007

Black Reagan? Not! JFK? Maybe.

According to the UK's TimesOnline, Obama has been labeled the "black Ronald Reagan" for his optimism. Perhaps, for his optimism, but definitely not for his wit, wisdom, and policies. A more apt appellation is the "black JFK." Obama seems to represent an attractive candidate that appeals to both sides of the aisle: this Senator of a mixed racial and faith heritage seems to be one that could bridge the chasm of discord that separates red America from blue America. As Matthew Dowd, W's 2004 top campaign strategist, said, "I think that we should design campaigns that appeal, not to 51% of the people, but bring the country together as a whole." As Bush's popularity plummets to the nadir of Presidential approval at 28% otherwise experienced only by, perhaps, our most competency-challenged President, Jimmy Carter, according to the latest poll by Newsweek, one does look to someone who can be like Reagan. Obama does provide a sunny optimism that reminds one somewhat of the great Gipper but more of the left's Camelot.

P.S. Oprah put her incredible heft behind another O, Obama, on the Larry King Show last week.

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grgb4 said...

From here on out, President Ronald Reagan shall be known as "The White Barack Hussein Obama."

'Mr. Russert, I paid for this microphone!!'

jakeho said...

Too bad Republicans don't have an Obama in any color. Who knows? Mitt might blossom into one. Believe it or not: he's leading in New Hampshire.

piperfromtn said...

As I recall, Pat Buchanan led in New Hampshire too, but he still isn't ready to be President.  Romney isn't going to trend higher than Hillary, from what I've read.

We all need to switch parties(just for the democrat primary), vote in Democrat primary for the most conservative of the dems, and then switch back to Republican for the general election.  They've pulled this kind of trick on us, and it's perfectly legal.  Makes pollsters mad as hell.

jakeho said...

Good point about Buchanan. Mitt might surprise everyone: E.g., he did win the Rep money primary overwhelmingly. As to beating Hill, she's been steadily trending downward even among her core. If you voted Democratic, for whom would you vote?

piperfromtn said...

Bill Richardson; the lesser of evils.  He respects 2nd amendment rights(of all things...)
We need to unseat Hill and "the magic negro" in their primary.

jakeho said...

If Richardson would manifest more charisma on the stump, he would clearly be more of a player. His Hispanic roots and heterodox Dem values could make him a hard candidate for the GOP to beat. However, I don't think he has a realistic chance against Obama or Hill: He is probably the main contender for Veep. I understand that your appelation as to Obama refers to Sharpton's moniker: what did he mean exactly?