Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Kiran at CNN: It's Morning in America Again

CNN's American Morning will pit it's new Fox & Friends snare, Kiran Chetry, against Fox & Friends. The delicious irony is that, according to FNC, Chetry had demanded Gretchen Carlson's co-host role on Fox & Friends. (Kiran Chetry has denied that accusation.) Kiran was the logical and obvious replacement for E.D. Hill when FNC revamped its line-up on its tenth anniversary. Kiran had a real rapport with Steve Doocy and Brian Kilmeade; a natural ease in front of the camera; and a delightful blend of eloquence, elegance, and equisite beauty. Not to mention--she was the Fox at Fox. Her male co-host will be John Roberts, a former CBS anchor and correspondent, who was a candidate to be the CBS Evening News main man after Dan Rather was shown the door in the wake of Filegate. Finally, CNN has quit shuffling Chetry from place to place as an updater and guest co-host. Now she finally has her own show: it's about time. Kudos, CNN! And I don't say that often.


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