Monday, April 23, 2007

41 & Romney: Bush Fatigue

President Bush I opined yesterday on CNN's Larry King show that the American voters may be having "a little Bush fatigue now." He said this in response to Mitt Romney's observation or echoing of the conservative blogosphere that Jeb would be the Republican standard bearer if his last name were not Bush. However, the proud papa and forty-first President added, "I hope that Jeb . . . is not through with politics. . .: I think he's got a future." I guess the U.S. is not ready for Bush III now: or is that another George III? And no obvious BRAVO jokes.



grgb4 said...

What is a BRAVO joke?

If it is a filthy or naughty reference, then don't tell me.

jakeho said...

Ask McGreevey's ex-wife.