Thursday, April 12, 2007

Bush & CNN, Listen & Learn

President George W. Bush, grandson of a U.S. senator and son of a U.S. President, has been mired in the polls with approval ratings below 40% for the last seven months. Since such polls began, only Truman, Nixon, and Carter have had similarly low approbation from the American people. Bush, an Eli with a Harvard Business School Ph.D., seems to think that Americans merely want him to be their CEO. He produces results for the right with his emphasis on the judiciary (as to abortion especially), the military, and lower taxes and for the left with his accent on education, immigration, and governmental growth. However, like CNN, he seems to think that if you merely perform your tasks, then you will gain the approval of those you serve. In today's society, people want a President who talks with people, listens to them, and truly cares about them. CNN talks to people, doesn't seem to listen enough, and appears to often patronizingly pontificate: President Bush seems to do the same. Both are capable and can do better--much better.


grgb4 said...

Personally, I sort of prefer the "absentee landlord" type of President.  The kind of tottering old figurehead who keeps a respectable distance and only shows up in public about once a year, to give his State of the Union address, etc... As long as the "rent is paid", I don't want to see him and I don't want him hanging around.  

Rutherford B. Hayes is a good example of my kind of commander-in-chief:  most people did not know that he had even been President until years after he left office.  

jakeho said...

G, wouldn't the one-day sleeping Sunday Prez be even more to your liking?

grgb4 said...

The "one day sleeping Sunday Prez".........Now, there's an idea!   If there were no such type of President, then it would be necessary to invent him.  (or something to that effect)