Monday, March 26, 2007

Not So Pretty

According to Simon Pretty, a leukemia victim and father of three, his forty-three-year-old sister Helen Pretty refuses to donate her perfectly matched bone marrow to save his life. The Englishman is expected to die within months without a transplant. He states, "I am on death row: I can't believe that she would let my three children lose their father so unnecessarily by her actions." Simon's wife Jacqueline adds, "It is appalling that Helen can stand by and watch her brother die knowing that she could do something to help him: the past few months have been hell." Even though their children play together, the siblings are not close. Miss Pretty refuses to comment on the story.

Remember the saw: "Pretty is as pretty does."



asixpilot said...

Talk about sibling rivalry...eeeghads! Better send my sibs a cigar, bottle of scotch, etc to keep in good graces...

jakeho said...

Crazy, indeed. Where is the love?