Wednesday, March 7, 2007

CBS's "Evil Eye"

Under Dan Rather's reign as CBS Evening News anchor, the Tiffany Network became the QVC of news. After his fall from esteemed, sweatered successor of Walter Cronkite to the ousted, disgraced defender of Filegate, CBS steadied the ship with Bob Shieffer at the helm on an interim basis. The Eye Network decided to go for star power by snagging the perky Katie Couric, the co-host of NBC's morning Today Show, with a $15 million/year contract. CBS Evening News with Couric as anchor has dropped 400,000 viewers from the same time last year under Shieffer. It now trails the broadcast evening news leader ABC World News by 2.1 million viewers. Has Katie lost her mojo?



piperfromtn said...

For a second there, I thought you said 'eye on evil Katie'.  Sorry, I guess my mind plays tricks on me.
She's been dropped like a hot rock.

jakeho said...

J, CBS just signed Rick Kaplan to produce CBS Evening News. Not surprisingly, Kaplan
was former president of CNN. As Steve Doocy indicated, his hiring may herald the
Clinton Broadcasting System a la the old Clinton News Network.

piperfromtn said...