Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Trump: Miss USA Not Fired

Donald Trump announced today that Miss USA Tara Conner was not fired. The small-town KY beauty had reportedly been drinking underage and canoodling with Miss Teen USA. (Allegedly, she also failed a cocaine test.) Reportedly, Trump banned Tara from Trump properties and met today with Miss USA officials to determine the fate of the pageant queen. This morning Trump announced that Tara would go to rehab and would be given a second chance. In this holiday season, the master promoter decided not to play Grinch and to come off as a compassionate and caring tycoon and father figure. Tara keeps her tiara, and Trump barnishes his image.

Cf. FNC Fox News Live (12/19/06 - 10:00 a.m. CST).


piperfromtn said...

Who knows? She could be the future Mrs. Donald Trump one day.
I suppose he wanted to appear as the antithesis of 'white and nerdy'.
"see how these paint chips look, honey..."

jakeho said...

She's definitely rather beautiful: if she had been less so, I don't doubt that Trump would have bid her adieu. Jon, did your reference to "paint chips" pertain to her makeup?

piperfromtn said...

No the paint chips allusion is for all of Donald Trump's real estate dealings.  The joke is, from what I've heard, that Donald is getting ready to procure more property or a building when he has paint samples in his hand.