Tuesday, December 5, 2006

The Importance of Ice Cold Beer

According to St. Louis police, last Sunday night a woman was not overly appreciative of the warm beer that her approximately 70-year-old hubby served her. No fan of the British-style brew, she allegedly shot her mate four to five times in the chest when he brought her a tepid Stag. With the electricity out, the foolish fellow had forgotten to cool her robust libation in the freezing al fresco air.



grgb4 said...

Stag (a Missouri favorite) is akin to the prototypical "revenge."  It is best served cold.  

(See also:  Milwaukee's Best, Schaefer, Jax, Old Milwaukee and Meister Brau- they, unlike Bass, Guinness and Newcastle, are also better served "muy, muy frio.")

jakeho said...

Obviously, not a Louisiana couple: over a warm O'Doul's, maybe, but not a warm Stag.