Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Tony Snow

Tony's a conservative that the liberal media loved with his divergent perspectives and incisive critiques of the Bush administration. Now that he has become its press secretary he's its toady. Please!


jharkansas said...

Hey, James!  I like your blog, but I liked my name better.  Oh well.  Hey, by the way, can you enable comments without registration?  If you can, you should try it.  

There should be a feature that allows this and it will generate more participation (most people are not patient enough to register for comments).

Anyway, sorry for all the critiquing.  Love you, bro, and I look forward to linking to your blog.

P.S.  You know better than to expect the libs in the media to show any of Bush's folks any respect!  They are very predictable in their Bush hatred.

jakeho said...

J, I'll try to enable comments without registration: I agree that it would facilitate more feedback. If I can do so, I will: I haven't found out how yet (if I can). As to the name, I've always been partial to this Latin phrase: of course, not being the consummate Latin scholar like H10, I was not familiar with the one that you had embraced. No negative reflection at all, Buddy.

jakeho said...

Tony, don't you wish you had another surname? Reminds me of a MS senator named Crook. Of course, there was the celebrated civil rights judge Minor Wisdom. Just gotta be a living oxymoron, I guess!