Thursday, April 27, 2006

Feel Free to Rank the President 2

(1) Ronald Reagan - America's Cincinnatus who restored America morally, militarily, and economically (to a great extent)
(2) Richard M. Nixon - a savvy strategist in the Cold War but an economic socialist in many regards
(3) George W. Bush - a strong leader in the war on terrorism with the charisma of his dad and the curtness of his mom
(4) Gerald Ford - a moderate who restored America's normalcy after Watergate
(5) George H. W. Bush - a patrician caretaker who won the first Gulf War
(6) John F. Kennedy - a man with vision whose carnal appetite endangered national security
(7) Lyndon B. Johnson - a clever, cunning politician who advanced civil rights and gave America her first war defeat
(8) Bill Clinton - a brilliant, solipsist politician without morals but with charisma who survived the only impeachment of an elected president
(9) Jimmy Carter - a sermonizing, incompetent president with chimeras of respectability


jharkansas said...

1. Reagan - made Americans proud to be Americans
2. GW Bush - did not waste time realizing the threat of terrorism
3. Ford -
4. Nixon - cusser, appointed Blackmun
5. GHW Bush - read my lips, not going to do it, wouldn't be prudent
6. Jimmy Carter - malaise, the rabbit incident
7. Clinton - that woman Monica Lewinsky, cigars, definition of "is", Waco

jakeho said...

Joseph, your comment on Reagan encapsulates what so many of us embraced as we voted for Reagan in his landslide re-election in '88. As to the others, you make very good points.

piperfromtn said...

(1)Reagan-Renoldus Magnus; need I say more?  My hero.
(2)"W"-Courageous and fearless leader.
(3)Nixon-misunderstood by many.
(4)Ford-my uncle was from the same alma mater; said he was a good man. Portrayed as a clumsy idiot by Chevy Chase.
(5)Bush Sr.-prudent...still yet 80!
(6)Kennedy-I was in utero, happily so, before he was shot; glad it wasn't '73...
(7)Clinton-smooth talkin', dress-staining liberal.  Ugly wife; ugly is as ugly does.
(8)Johnson-showed us his scar; left U.S. scarred, economically.
(9)Carter-epitomized weakness as a leader; lusted after many women. Idiot.  I hope I never get to play for him 'cause I won't!