Saturday, April 29, 2006

Mexico on Verge of Legalizing Drugs

After passage by the lower legislative house in Mexico, the senate body in Mexico by more than a two to one margin voted to legalize 5 grams of opium, 5 grams of marijuana (@ 4 joints), 25 milligrams of heroin, 500 milligrams of cocaine (@ 4 lines), or small amounts of ecstasy and meth. President Vicente Fox is expected to sign the legislation. The purpose appears to be to allow the police to focus on organized crime, corruption, and large dealers. Mexico has suffered from major drug turf wars that have resulted in hundreds of deaths that began in the northern border towns and have reached south into vacation areas like Acapulco. Our northern neighbor Canada supplies certain heroin addicts in Vancouver with the drug and safe areas to self administer it: further, the Liberal Party considered legalizing small drug amounts for users before the Conservative Party threatened their hold on government and recently took control as a minority government. Little known to most Americans is the fact that the U.S. government grows marijuana in small amounts at Mississippi State University and supplies a few users with joints in a long-running study.

Friday, April 28, 2006

Rush Arrested

Rush was arrested in Palm Beach County, FL today on prescription fraud charges according to the FNC. He was later released on $3000 bond from the Palm Beach County jail. His attorney said that Rush will only face this one charge and that it will be dropped after 18 months on the condition that manifest that he has not become readdicted. Rush also agreed to pay $30,000 to the State of FL to defray the costs of the investigation.

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Feel Free to Rank the President 2

(1) Ronald Reagan - America's Cincinnatus who restored America morally, militarily, and economically (to a great extent)
(2) Richard M. Nixon - a savvy strategist in the Cold War but an economic socialist in many regards
(3) George W. Bush - a strong leader in the war on terrorism with the charisma of his dad and the curtness of his mom
(4) Gerald Ford - a moderate who restored America's normalcy after Watergate
(5) George H. W. Bush - a patrician caretaker who won the first Gulf War
(6) John F. Kennedy - a man with vision whose carnal appetite endangered national security
(7) Lyndon B. Johnson - a clever, cunning politician who advanced civil rights and gave America her first war defeat
(8) Bill Clinton - a brilliant, solipsist politician without morals but with charisma who survived the only impeachment of an elected president
(9) Jimmy Carter - a sermonizing, incompetent president with chimeras of respectability

How Do Your Rate the President?

According to FNC, President Bush's approval ratings are at 30%. It reminds one of Nixon's nadir during the throes of Watergate. President Bush has some great ideas but he must learn that one can't rule unless he/she has the heart and/or confidence of the American public. He has stood strong on terrorism,  defense, and judicial philosophy; he took good initial steps on tax, oil, and regulations policy; and he has been a friend to democracy and freedom in the Middle East. However, he and his party in D.C. seem to be impotent in taking on the Democrats and the media on taxes, energy, and "the vision thing" (as his father once said) during his second term. Say what you will about Clinton but he knew how to rally an American plurality to his side regardless of the rightness of his position. Maybe, Tony Snow will help get him on message and to do so in a manner that will resonate with the public. I give him a B+ in his first term and a C+ in his second term.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

July Weddings

Is there no respect for the goddess Juno who has protected brides and marriages for so very long? What has Julius Caesar done for marriage other than mandating that his wife be above reproach? Kevin Federline, when did you marry your Kentwood lovely?

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Tony Snow

Tony's a conservative that the liberal media loved with his divergent perspectives and incisive critiques of the Bush administration. Now that he has become its press secretary he's its toady. Please!